Recent Changes at FICO Impact Medical Collections


Changes at FICO will impact your medical collection efforts. In a recent announcement the creator of the most widely used — and therefore most influential — credit score stated that overdue medical bills will not affect consumer’s credit scores as in the past. Good news for consumers, but not necessarily for you. Essentially, unpaid medical […]

Can Dialing a Wrong Number Land You in a Lawsuit?


Call calling a wrong number while trying to collect on unpaid invoices really land you in a lawsuit? The short answer is YES. And it comes down to understanding the compliance requirements of two important pieces of legislation: the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Debt collection rights for […]

Do You Need a Collection Agency for Your Business?


When it comes to running a small business probably the most frustrating aspect is chasing after customers, clients or vendors for payment. Unfortunately it does happen. So what should you do when the unpaid invoices start stacking up and your own internal efforts to collect aren’t paying off? It’s probably time to get some professional […]

Should You Use a Debt Collection Attorney or an Agency?


What can you do if your own, in-house efforts have failed to get your customer or client to pay their bill? You really have only two choices — write off your uncollected A/R, or get professional help to collect some (or all?) of your outstanding revenue. And when it comes to getting help with collections […]