Proof That Not All Collection Agencies are the Same


Getting paid the money you are owed depends on the collection agency you choose. And when it comes to hiring a professional collection agency the days of “strong arm” tactics are basically over. For starters, government regulations and strict compliance guidelines means that companies need to play by the rules… or be out of business. […]

Professional Debt Collection for Small Business


If you’ve been in business for any length of time you know that cash flow is key. And if you run a service business you have probably experienced the frustration when a customer or client refuses to pay his or her invoice. Aside from not getting paid what you are rightfully owed, probably the most […]

Debt Collection Quotes for the Holidays?


The holiday season is nearly here. Well, okay, call me old fashioned to find it off-putting when stores put up their Christmas decorations BEFORE Halloween. For me Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season run that goes until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. So in this festive (and for many stressful) time of year […]

How to Hire a Collection Agency


Do you need help collecting on past due accounts? First, check out a company’s website when searching online. You’ll want to make sure that the office you’re contacting has a physical address, rather than only posting a phone number and/or email address. Additionally, you’ll want to check: who are the corporate officers? what are their […]

Choosing a Collection Agency for Small Business


When considering outsourcing collections to an agency – a major factor is the ability to maintain good client relations while attempting to collect a debt. An agency that is sensitive to your needs is the best choice. And often outsourcing can be a better decision when collections become “too personal”. Family members who work for […]