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Cain & Daniels will have your collection settlement within 20 days!

We are so confident that we will collect your money we are willing to work for free to prove it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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This is what happens when you place a debtor with Cain & Daniels:

We begin collection immediately upon receipt of your placement by calling them the same business day, announcing to the debtor that their account has been placed with Cain & Daniels, Inc. for collection. By law, we are required to inform them of their rights and provide them with information regarding their past-due account.

The best part?

Using our proven process we are able to collect the money you are owed on your behalf.

Placing an account with Cain & Daniels, Inc is simple.

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Our service does not cost you money… it PAYS you money.

100% of NOTHING = NOTHING. And right now you have 100% of nothing when it comes to delinquent accounts that are you trying to collect on your own.

However, with Cain & Daniels you will receive your money.

Whether it is:

  • debt collections
  • past due collections
  • debt recovery services
  • collection services
  • receivable collections

It’s all about getting you paid the money you deserve! That’s why we say that “Our Business Is YOUR Business”.

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