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14405203_sAre you searching for a quality collection leads?

If so you’ve found the right website. That’s because our collection agency lead program can deliver high quality, targeted leads and help you grow your business.

What’s more, ALL leads are verified.

That means we screen all leads prior to emailing them to you by checking:

  • IP addresses against known and suspected SPAM list
  • Phony email addresses (i.e., etc.)
  • Reverse phone look up to check for valid phone#

green quote“So far your leads are far better than what we’ve received from other companies. Keep em coming!”

~ Basil Hamdan, HF Holdings, Inc.

How leads are targeted

We target leads by researching specific keywords used by people searching for you online.

That’s the first part.

By finding our site on Google (and other search engines) web visitors are more inclined to click the link to the site because our web pages “match” what they’re already actively searching for – your services. They are serious about being contacted by a solutions provider – an expert – who can help them recover lost revenue.

That’s why they fill out the form.

What’s more, this method of generating traffic attracts people who are serious about finding an immediate solution to their problem, rather than simply “browsing” for more information online.

green quote“Thanks Mike. So far the leads are good. Once you get the commercial and consumer sites on the first page and I along with everyone else will probably be paying you a small fortune for your leads. I look forward to those days!”

~ Jim Brooks, Pioneer Capital Solutions, Inc.

How leads are pre-qualified

Today, the simple truth is that paid advertising cannot generate quality leads when compared to leads generated “organically.”

That’s why we publish new, original content each and every month.

The articles we post are informative and encourage people to seek out and select a professional collection agency to help them recover lost revenue, rather than “rate shop” or choose the cheapest provider.

Additionally, no one is ever given or promised an incentive to complete our lead capture form.

Their only reason and motive for becoming a lead is to get help with their collection headaches. This is the critical difference. Each and every lead is told that they will be contacted by up to four (4) collection agencies, so there should be no surprises when you call them regarding their need for collection services.

green quote“Just wanted to tell you that the the leads are you sending us are pretty good so we would like to continue to receive any collection agency leads that you get (commercial, medical, dental etc.)…”

~ Tim Turner, Summit Account Resolution

On occasion someone may make a typo when providing their contact information.

Or a lead might slip through our filters.

However, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee any bad or bogus leads will be credited back to you, no questions asked. Simply let us know w/in 24 hours of receiving a bad lead.

Sign up for our lead program today

We’re looking for long-time lead customers.

In fact, many of our customers have been buying leads from us for more than 4+ years… and counting. Leads cost $15 each, and if you get a lead that doesn’t match what you’re looking for or the contact information is bad simply send us an email and you won’t get charged.

To get started simply complete the online form below

Collection Lead Sign Up Form

Which type of collection leads are you looking for.
For leads, how many past due accounts is the minimum requirement?
For leads, what amount of outstanding revenue is the minimum requirement?
Your lead budget (in dollars):
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Would you like to advertise on our website?

This site was designed with only ONE goal in mind… to help connect business owners with professional collection agencies.

That’s why our state and metro region pages are designed the way they are. We make it easy for people to find and see YOUR contact information.

  • YOUR phone number is listed on the site.
  • We link directly to YOUR website.

In fact, besides paying for each lead that comes in through one of our lead capture forms, there are two (2) additional ways you can get more leads…

  1. when someone calls your office
  2. when someone clicks a link to your site and contacts you directly

This allows you to get more clients and grow your business…

Simply use the add to cart button below to list your agency on the website for ONE YEAR…

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Do you have any questions about the program?

If you’d like to discuss our lead program by phone please call 888-542-2936 and leave a voice message. I will follow up and schedule a time to discuss the program with you personally and answer your questions.

To your ongoing business success!

Michael Guerin

Success Marketing, LLC

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